Smart Grid - 12/7 **Delayed due to FLU. New Date in March.

Smart Grid - 12/7  **Delayed due to FLU.  New Date in March.
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What is it? Why now? How will it affect you?

What: Smart Grid Workshop When: December 7, 7pm-9pm Where: Urban Solar Solutions, 4641 Tanglewood Drive, Edmonston (Hyattsville), MD

You may be wondering what is the "Grid" and how can making it "smart" help you?

The Grid is how our electricity is delivered from generator to consumer to the outlet to the appliance. It is all connected. Improving that system will benefit all of us, if done right.

Ideally, the Smart Grid will involve new and enhanced connectivity, automation and coordination between power suppliers and consumers.

Last month the feds announced that 3.2 Billion dollars will go into taking our current national and regional electric power grid and making it “smart.” What does that mean for this region? Well, Pepco is due over $149M to be spent in and around the District. BG&E will receive $200M more. Experts predict many thousands of new jobs from this effort.

The Smart Grid is happening now; whether you have solar electric, an electric car, are looking for a green job or not, the Smart Grid will be in your future and soon.

This paradigm shift will enhance the ability of businesses, homes and other buildings to generate and disseminate wind and solar electricity, and better enable them to sell surplus energy back to their utilities. It can empower consumers better control their energy costs through new simple and free steps.

During this evening program we will talk about what the Smart Grid may look like, what technologies may be involved, how it is being developed and, even, how consumers can be involved in its development.

Experts: To be announced