Green Money for Homeowners--End of the Year 11/30

Green Money for Homeowners--End of the Year 11/30
Item# 11-30-09-GMHO

Product Description

Money to help you go green is out there. This workshop will help you find it! A reprise of our popular program for the end of the tax year. There is still time to take advantage of the tax benefits of 2009!

Where: Urban Solar Solutions 4641 Tanglewood Drive Edmonston, MD 20781

When: Monday, November 30, 2009 7-9 pm

Have you heard: • 30% Federal tax credit for solar installations. • $3.00 per square foot grant for green roof installations in DC • $5,000 property tax credit in Montgomery County, Prince Georges and more… • Alternative Energy grant programs in Maryland and DC.

There may not be a better time to make green changes to your existing home than 2009. Federal, state and local governments are offering free moneys to achieve lasting energy and water savings throughout the country. We are especially blessed here in the National Capital region. Learn also about netmetering, renewable energy credits and other methods for gaining funds from utilites to support alternative energy in your home. If you take maximum advantage of the best of these programs a $40,000 PV solar installation could cost you as little as $11,000. You can even have solar with no money down!

There are great opportunities out there BUT you cannot get them if you do not know about them!

This workshop is for the DC or Maryland home owner. Our goal is to empower you to find, apply for and obtain as much assistance to save energy and save water over the long run as possible. You’ll learn about the programs available, how to determine if you are eligible, how to apply for or what records to keep to file for funds, and how to calculate your own rate of return for energy investments.

Our expert:

Ellen McBarnette, Esq., Managing Partner of Urban Solar Solutions, LLC. Urban Solar Solutions is a energy saving and green retail store and energy savings consulting firm. Ellen has had twenty years of experience in environmental and social justice legislative policy. In 2006, she began Urban Solar Solutions to aid consumers, businesses and others in finding the best cutting edge technology for to lower their energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint and to preserve the unique beauty of the Chesapeake Watershed.